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Send ღ for a LOVE/SEXUALITY headcanon.

Well…this is awk XD but…………I really see the once-ler being very affectionat in bed.  The way he looks at Leon chan as though he’s the most beautiful………… if he’s the most precious thin g in the world. 

As for Leon…………………I see him as being one of those guys who really…makes love to the onceler.  Not jsu t sex, but a physical manifestation of how deeply and purely they feel for each other…………….

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Kaiju threat, eliminated. Checking reports. SearchingsearchingSssssssss̵͟͞ss̷̛͟s̶̕͢s͟…” Romeo’s frame seized up, helm recoiling back before he slumped forward slightly, powered down. Teetering some, the Jeager quickly stood back up at attention.

"Reboot complete, cause unknown. Data encrypted. Romeo Blue reporting in.”

Coyote twitched, seeing his new hero powering down. Uhhhhhhhe took a startled step back, almost crashing something, but his attention was fixed on the strage events unfolding in front of him. 

Did he…? Break him??? Oh nononononono, everyone is going to be so mad at Coyote!! He should have known better than assault his sensors with the random babble like this…!! What is he going to do now?!

"Are y-” He didn’t finish his sentence, Romeo managed to reboot in a flash. Coyote vented air with relief, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself… What a relief…! 

He observed Romeo closely. He seemed okay now, but surely not everything was right— no Jaeger just reboots without a cause! 

"Is… is everything alright, Romeo-san?” He asked finally, tilting his helm a bit. 

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Relocation due to Shatterdome closing. Original California Shatterdome, dismantled. Reasons, unknown. Classified.” Romeo continued to stand stiffly, his helm watching Coyote. The things the other mech was saying weredifferent.

“‘Inspiration’ and-or ‘Glad’ are not terms or phrases I am programmed to be familiar with.”

Romeo’s helm jolted again, a rather large spark emitting from his neck joint.

"Added to programming."

"Eh?" Coyote’s arms dropped slightly, some of his excitement vanishing. His… hero wasn’t exactly talkative… Maybe he’s new to this whole sentience thing! Plus he didn’t seem… alright. Ahhhh, he probably missed his pilots…!

"W-well, they took down the Shatterdomes because they figured that it would be better to keep us all together in one building, after all, the threat of Kaiju is no more!" He pointed at Romeo in a dramatic movement. "And it’s all thanks to heroes like you, senpai!!!” 

Oh, Coyote hoped that he didn’t sound like a hopeless fan… But it was true!! He never was good at hiding the truth, now was he….

"S-so,I’m… I’m thankful!” Coyote bowed with his upper body. “I’m looking forward to living together with a legend like you, sir!”

And he hoped that he wouldn’t annoy him that much…

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Romeo’s helm tilted slightly to the side as he studied Coyote’s actions, his wording, it was allvery strange. Rigid, the Jaeger simply nodded.

"Romeo Blue, Mark 1 Jaeger, reporting for Shatterdome storage until further notice. Arrived at 0600 hours. Pilots, Rangers Bruce and Trevin Gage, missing. Location unknown. Standing by for input."

So… yeah, it was him! Coyote almost jumped in place - another Mark 1 Jaeger had survived the apocalypse, just like him! 

"That’s… that’s amazing, Romeo-san!!” He shuffled awkwardly closer to him, trying his best not to disturb anyone down below. “I mean.. it’s not amazing that you don’t have your p-pilots with you, but… It’s wonderful news that you are here!!”

His helm dropped a bit. 

"I… was getting lonely, haha….” He looked away, gazing at the dusty hangar. Things… things were looking pretty dull lately. 

"A-anyways!” Coyote returned his attention to Romeo. “I’m glad you’re here! I always wanted to… to meet you! I Mark 1 too, you know! Y-you’re like… an inspiration!!” He almost shouted the last sentence excitedly.

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"Coyote Tango, Jaeger. Status, active. Pilotssearching, searching…” Romeo’s helm jolted slightly.

"Coyote Tango, Jaeger. Status, active."

His helm twitched in surprise. Was that…? Was that really him…? When did he even arrive… True, Coyote was not very much active lately but even he wouldn’t miss the arrival of his inspiration… Romeo Blue… h-here?!

He weighed his options - talk or no talk, well, of course he had to talk! Probably his easiest choice yet. Coyote bowed his head respectfully, hoping that this nervousness stirring inside of him won’t be noticeable:

"Um… Y-yes, it’s me… C-Coyote Tango of Japan!!" He looked up, tilting his head. "Is… is that really you…?”

It… it had to be!! 

Coyote Tango: i want to have sex with the headless horseman
RPD: so you're going to give him head then
Coyote Tango: [picard voice] make it so
Coyote Tango: AHHHHHH
Coyote Tango: MAD
Coyote Tango: BUT AMUSED
Coyote Tango: Coyote Tango PUNCHES RPD
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"We would always call it that when we explored the shatter dome together….then she grew up…and I got sick…" 


The meeting by ~TrungTH